Freshmen 15

Have you ever wondered why so many college students gain the freshmen 15? Going to college is a big deal, and the habits we have consistently practiced our whole lives change.

1) Alcohol:
We start drinking a lot more than we will ever drink again.

2) Food:
We eat anything and everything all day every day.

3) Sleep:
We stay up late, pull all nighters, take lots of naps and overall develop bad sleeping habits.

Why? Because we can!

What this blog isn’t
– A guide to staying skinny in college
– How to avoid eating lots and lots of pizza

There is more to it than that! I want to empower people to live a healthy and happy life. I’m going to college out of state and it’s hard being away from family and friends. How do I deal with the changes and challenges of staying healthy you might ask…well you’ll just have to wait and see.😄