Fitness Mentality

I’m at college for the soccer preseason. Before we get to touch a ball we have to complete a fitness test, where we each run a mile. This year the team’s goal mile time was 7:30.

Photo Credit: Bob Mical

Photo Credit: Bob Mical

I was one of the last girls to run, so it was very interesting to watch how each person before me handled the test. Some started out fast, trying to set a good pace while others were slower, but gradually gained momentum. Some of the players were obviously in better shape, but the people who stood out to me were the ones who hadn’t run as much over the summer and were still able to push themselves during the test.

When it comes down to it, it’s all mental. How hard are you willing to push yourself? How much do you want it? It’s important to find something you’re passionate about, so when you’re sprinting that last lap you feel pride in yourself and in what you were able to accomplish.


We were all really nervous going into the fitness test, but when it was all over everyone left feeling proud of what they had achieved regardless of their mile time because they knew they had pushed themselves.

How do you push yourself? Do you have a hard time turning off that mental block that tells your body to stop running or working out?