Have You Heard? I’m in Copenhagen!

I’m studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark! My plan is to bike, eat, and travel my way through the semester. I can’t wait to share my journey!


A Lovely Street Near Rosenborg Castle Gardens

From its colorful buildings to fashionable inhabitants it is definitely an underrated gem. One of the only things I knew about the country when coming here is that the Acapella World Championships were hosted here in Pitch Perfect 2. I know, I know… the Danes must be awesome right?!

Well here are some things I have learned about Danish culture so far:

  • Like most European countries men and women dress very fashionably, but boy do the Danes love their black, white, and grey color palette!
  • Danes are not very chatty. They will not strike up a conversation on the train with a stranger, and they value their space. Danes have even gone so far as to create their own system of movements and grunts to inform others of their presence or their intention to move. But don’t be fooled by their cold exterior, they are all quite lovely and helpful.
  • They leave their babies outside. Yes, even in the snow. Have you ever heard of the woman who left her baby outside of a store in New York and got arrested…she was a Dane.
  • Everyone bikes! This is one of my favorite parts about Denmark. It is super safe because there are clear bike lanes and drivers are very aware of bikers. I bike and take the train to school every morning, and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a commute more!

Christiansborg Palace Marble Bridge

Overall, Denmark is treating me very well and i have gotten into a daily routine that makes me feel at home. I can’t wait to share more of my adventures and photos!